Who Knows them Better? BFF vs. BF

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Who Knows them Better? BFF vs. BF

Gracie McAllister and Edited by Abby Gweon

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Nell Ruth (left), Elyse Mumaw, and Jared Flores (right)

Who knows them better? Does boyfriend, Jared Flores, know her better, or does best friend, Nell Ruth, know her better? To find out who knows Elyse, a freshman here at Canyon, better, Smoke Signals came up with questions for each of them to answer.

“What is Elyse’s favorite color?”
Jared said purple, and Nell said green.
Elyse’s favorite color is purple.


“What is her favorite subject?”
Jared guessed math, and Nell guessed art.
Elyse’s favorite subject is math.

“What is her favorite movie?” the answer is Coraline.
Jared guessed Open Season 2 and Nell guessed Finding Nemo.

“What is Elyse’s favorite tv show?”
Both Nell and Jared said it was The Office.
It turned out it was actually How I Met your Mother.

“What does she like to do in her free time?”
Jared said Instagram and looking at memes.
Nell said watching Netflix.
Both were correct.

“Who is Elyse’s favorite celebrity?”

Jared responded with Brendon Urie, and Nell said Tom Holland.
Elyse’s favorite celebrity is John Krasinski, making them both wrong.

“What elementary school did Elyse go to?”
They both said Olive, and both were correct.

“What is her middle name?”
They both said Marie, right again.

“What is Elyse’s favorite cereal?”
Neither of them knew.
The answer was Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

And the winner is…Elyse’s boyfriend!
Jared scored a 6/10 while Nell scored a 3/10

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