How To Deal With Being Sick

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Coming to you live from my current blanket cocoon to tell you that being sick is actually the worst. Nothing sucks more than having your body revolt against you and self destruct in a fiery passion because you didn’t take your allergy medication for a week. The constant headaches and body pains may seem inescapable, but don’t you worry. Here are some tips and tricks to survive being sick.

  • Drink fluids. The three best things you can put in your body are water, tea, and sometimes Gatorade. Your body is going to get dehydrated, whether it be from your sinuses slowly drying you out or from puking your guts out. You should be getting up to use the restroom due to extreme hydration.

  • Don’t NOT eat. Your body is fighting something in you that’s making you miserable. Feed your microscopic warriors! It may hurt to eat, or you may be afraid it’ll come back up, but that is when your greatest ally comes in, soup. Invest in a few cans of Campbell’s to last you until the war in your body is over.

  • Shower. Please, for your sake, shower. Take a bath if that’s what you’re into, but clean your body. You will feel so much better and anyone that’s taking care of you will thank you for fixing that rotting corpse smell that seemed to follow you around.

  • Keep yourself occupied. Don’t just wallow in self pity. You know you can only sleep so much until that gets old, so find something to do. Start a new TV show, read a book, or get a start on the work you’re missing at school, because you know you won’t do it otherwise.

  • Don’t be a jerk. Quarantine yourself. Drown yourself in hand sanitizer. Do not be that person that gets everyone in your squad or your family sick, because they will hate you for it and probably enact some sort of vigilante justice on your snotty butt.

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