Holiday Gifts For Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Jakhaylah Jefferson

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For Her:

*Clear Lip Gloss/Lipstick
*Big Stuffed Bear
*Pandora Charm Bracelet,Necklace, or Charm
*Ugg Boots or Slides
*Victoria Secret perfume
*Bath and Body Works Shower Gel/Lotion
* Merchandise from PINK
*Gift Card to favorite store
*Bouquet of Flowers
*Matching Shirts
*Philosophy Bath Set

For Him:

*V-Bucks on Fortnite
*Nike/Adidas hoodie
*Nike socks
*Take them out to eat
*Shoes (Jordans,Vans,Adidas)
*Video Games
*Tickets for a concert
*Box full of different candy
*Beats by Dre headphones
*Hats or Beanies
*Itunes gift card