Saints vs. Rams

Ben Malo and Edited by Valerie Alcala

This highly anticipated game between the Rams and the Saints is to take place on Sunday, Jan. 20, as the two teams go head-to-head at the conference championships. Both teams definitely have their powerhouses, but who will win?

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Sean McVay, head coach for the Rams. Image courtesy of Google Images.

On the side of the golden state, there is a young, amazing head coach by the name of Sean McVay and an absolutely explosive offense. At the helm of the exciting Rams team is young QB Jared Goff. Coming into the league he was supposed to set the world on fire, and while he has definitely had his moments, I believe their strength will lie in their defense. The Saints have had a pretty good defense this year, and unfortunately for the Rams, things have looked terrible in terms of defense, just about all year long. With a star-studded roster, I believe the only way the Rams will win is if Goff is efficient and the defense is able to hold up against Drew Brees.

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The Saints’ QB, Drew Brees. Image courtesy of Google Images.

This game will showcase one of the most exciting offensive coaching battles I’ve ever seen, where Sean Payton will test his expertise.

The chances of the Saints winning are strengthened because they have one of the greatest: Drew Brees, alongside Alvin Kamara, who is a beast of a running back. The odds of the Rams coming into New Orleans and stealing one from Brees and Payton is very unlikely.

My Prediction: Saints: 35, Rams: 28