Canyon High School’s RSE Presents: The 15th Annual Winter One Act Festival

Amanda Quach and Edited by Valerie Alcala

Bringing in the new year, Canyon High School’s Repertory Student Ensemble held their 15th Annual Winter One Act Festival from Jan. 9-11 and Jan. 16-18. This festival is held each year by students who have a passion for theater, whether it’s acting or directing. This event allows them to recreate a number of famous one acts for their friends and family to share their love for the hard work they do.

This year was the first One Act Festival I ever got to attend, and the first thing I noticed was the large cast and crew that goes into making this show possible. There were new faces I had never seen before, let alone perform, compared to the previous shows I’ve been to. It was awesome to see something completely student run from directing to concessions to even scene changing. Each act had a different set with different props and a whole new storyline with a new cast and director(s). The variety and uniqueness of each act really showed what Canyon’s students are capable of and only makes me ecstatic for their next performance to come.


To support Canyon’s RSE come out to their next show: Legally Blonde (Date TBA) and buy concessions!