Top 8 Songs of 2018

Ben Malo and Edited by Valerie Alcala

In one of the most eventful years in hip hop’s history, here are the top 8 songs of 2018.

Eight: Drip too hard– Lil Baby and Gunna
As the trap duo of the future, Lil Baby and Gunna just create hits. With their signature guitar sample in the background, this hit is close to trap perfection. It may not have the lyrics or underlying message of a track from J Cole or Kendrick Lamar, but it isn’t trying to tell you anything other than to have fun.

Seven: The Story of Adidon- Pusha T
In one of the greatest diss tracks I’ve ever heard, Pusha T uncovered Drake’s good guy persona and threw it in the trash. He exposed him for covering up an accidental child he had with an adult entertainer. Sampling Jay-Z’s “The Story of OJ,” he let the world know that Drake wasn’t such a great guy.

Image result for young thug
Artist Young Thug in the middle of a performance. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Six: Sin- Young Thug
Young Thug has cemented himself as one of the greatest and most influential artists of this generation of rap as a founder of mumble rap and trap. In his EP that came out this past year, he was in his element showing why he is a living legend. With a decent verse from Jaden Smith and a classically melodic verse from Thugger, the song tied together to become one of my personal favorites this year.

Five: Okra- Tyler, the Creator
Just two months after being nominated for best rap album of 2017, Tyler came with fire. In this track, he is boastful, using impressive wordplay and a grimmy delivery to make sure you didn’t forget his historic year in 2017. During the song, he slyly hints to his sexuality, which was a heavy theme in his critically acclaimed Flower Boy.

Four: Rubbin Off The Paint- YBN Nahmir
With almost over 150 million views on Youtube, YBN Nahmir’s hit was played in clubs all over the world. He was one of the many artists this year that showed us the power of spreading music through social media. Right from the start, you can tell Nahmir is different from every Soundcloud Rapper. His voice and sound are special, and his style is unlike any I’ve seen.

Three: Lucid Dreams– Juice World
Juice World gave us some of the most heart wrenching and real songs of this year, but his hit single, Lucid Dreams, had to make my list. His melodic rapping fits perfectly over the impeccably made beat, as he takes you into a ride unlike any other. His music is personal and almost depressing. His lyrics dig deep and cut deep. Juice was one of the biggest stars of 2018, and this song was his claim to fame.

Image result for travis scott
Image depicting Travis Scott. Courtesy of Google Images.

Two: Can’t Say- Travis Scott
Throughout Travis’s whole career, he has prided himself in being something
no one has ever seen before, and he accomplished that and more in this track
while using mezmorizing vocals from Don Toliver and his usual a

Image result for Kanye and Kid Cudi
Kid Cudi and Kanye West standing side by side. Image courtesy of Google Images.

perfection. This is Travis at his very best.

One: Reborn- Kids See Ghosts
When Kanye and Kid Cudi team up, there is no telling how great the music they create could be. This song is about as good as it gets. It talks about their inner demons and how they feel reborn after tackling them. With some of the most beautiful lyrics and vocals mixed with a signature Kanye beat, it’s one of the best tracks either of these artists has ever made.