Club Carnival 2019

From left to right: Emma Salinas (junior), Kendall Dodd (senior), and Olivia Oakley (senior) working together to promote Drama Club. Image courtesy of Gracie McAlister.

Club Carnival is a chance for students to sign up for all of the different clubs Canyon offers. Club Carnival is important because it brings people with the same interests together and it gives students a chance to get involved with events outside of school.

Club Carnival was Thursday, Feb. 21, during lunch, and it was held in front of the gym. All classes were let out ten minutes early to go to Club Carnival. There were a bunch of different clubs, including Comanches Care, Drama Club, CHS Crafts for Kids, and more. Clubs tried to attract students to their booths with signs, food, and drinks. People also dressed as mascots and handed out flyers.

Smoke Signals interviewed Olivia Oakley, a senior, and asked what she liked about Club Carnival. Oakley said, “I like that it’s a chance for people to get involved around campus and for clubs to show off what they’ve been working on or what they plan on doing. It’s also just fun to hang out with friends while eating, listening to music, and being active in our school’s activities.” Oakley was running the Drama Club booth, so she said she didn’t get a chance to sign up for any clubs. Smoke Signals also asked Oakley why she thought clubs are important and she said, “I think clubs are important because they give students a chance to collaborate outside of class, make new friends, and do some really cool things they wouldn’t be able to do on their own.”

Various students signing up for clubs at club carnival. Image courtesy of Gracie McAlister.

Lastly, Smoke Signals interviewed Hannah Nattalie, a junior, and asked what she liked about Club Carnival. Nattalie said, “I love the energy and excitement of everyone signing up and advertising clubs.” Nattalie added that she signed up for Comanches Care and that she was already a part of Drama Club. Smoke Signals also asked her why she thought clubs are important and she said “I think clubs bring people with similar interests together and are a great way to develop new friendships outside of class.”

Club Carnival is a great avenue for students  to explore their interests. Hopefully everyone enjoyed this years Club Carnival!