Lea Kitsigianis: Athlete with Character

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Lea Kitsigianis: Athlete with Character

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Lea Kitsigianis, who has been recognized as an Athlete with Character, has been playing basketball at Canyon for all four years.

Lea Kitsigianis is a Senior here at Canyon High School and captain of the varsity basketball team. This year, Lea was awarded the Girls Athlete with Character Award!

Smoke Signals– What position do you play on varsity?
Lea– I play center/post

Smoke Signals– What helps you stay positive through the rough parts of playing a sport?
Lea– What helps me stay positive through rough practices and long days is the fact that I know my team is there for me, and they are playing for me, and I am playing for them. Being so close with my team and being like family has helped me overcome tough times I’ve experienced throughout the year, and I’m so happy to have spent my last year of playing high school basketball with my teammates.

Kitsigianis attempting to make a shot as her teammate eagerly watches.

Smoke Signals– How do you feel about winning this award?
Lea– I’m so honored to receive this award because my hard work and dedication to the basketball program and my team has paid off, but it also shows me how much I’ve grown as a player and a person since my freshman year by playing sports.  I would not be where I am today without Coach Lofink. He has inspired me and pushed me to be the best player I can be.

Congratulations Lea! Keep up the good work.