Gabe Gallardo: Iron Man

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Gabe Gallardo: Iron Man

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Sophomore Gabe Gallardo has earned himself the title of “Iron Man” through participating in three sports at the varsity level.

Here at Canyon High School, there is a star player named Gabe Gallardo who plays 3 sports on campus. Every day, Gallardo works hard and strives to be the best he can be.

Smoke Signals: What grade are you in?
Gallardo: I am in 10th grade (sophomore).

Smoke Signals: What sports do you play?
Gallardo: Football, soccer, and baseball

Smoke Signals: Out of the 3 sports, which one do you favor most?
Gallardo: I do not have a favorite, really. Usually whatever sport is in season tends to be my favorite sport at the time.

Smoke Signals: Can you list a few reasons detailing why you like being a part of a team sport?
Gallardo: I like being a part of a team sport because I love the brotherhood that comes with each sport. I also really like the competition of a team vs team when you know that your boys got your back and you have theirs. Also, if you do something good it’s unlike an individual sport where it only helps oneself, rather than helping everyone else on your team.

Smoke Signals: How old were you when you started playing those sports?
Gallardo: I was around 5-6 when I started playing baseball and soccer. I started football freshman year.

Smoke Signals: Do you plan to play any of the sports you play now in college?
Gallardo: Yeah that’s the plan!

Gallardo definitely embodies a model Comanche. Awesome job Gabe!