Imagine Paying $2,000 to See Zion for 30 Seconds

Caleb Merold and Edited by Abby Gweon

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In a game with the 8th ranked Tar Heels vs Zion and the Duke Blue Devils, fans were paying over $2,000 for a ticket to see Zion Williamson play. The fans were most likely hoping for a great game considering they paid extreme amounts of money, but were very disappointed in the end.

Within the first minute of the game, the high-flying Zion Williamson would attempt to post up one of the Tar Heels players, jabbing his foot on the ground, causing his shoe to rupture and his foot to come through it. This would lead to an awkward stance which would injure Zion’s knee.

If you paid $2,000 for that game it would definitely go down as the worst purchase of your life, because you paid to see 30 seconds of Zion just to hurt himself. Now it is unknown if Zion will return this season or return to basketball at all because the severity of the injury is unknown.

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Image courtesy of Google Images.

This one injury also set social media on fire. It seemed as though no matter how hard you tried to avoid a post about Zion’s foot you couldn’t escape it. Apparently the entire ESPN crew believes Zion’s injury is the end of the world. Many NBA players have told Zion that he should save himself for the draft and that he already has a place with them, but Zion looks like he wants to continue playing for Duke and have a chance at the sweet 16 in March Madness.

Overall, the injury seems to be very minor and probably won’t affect his game when he comes back. I don’t think this will affect his draft stock either because you just can’t justify not taking him with the first pick in the draft.