Android vs. iPhone: Which One is Truly Better?

One of the world’s longest-standing debates: iPhone or Android? Image courtesy of Google Images.

iPhone and Android are two popular types of smartphones used today by millions of people. They both have great features and typically run around the same price. Even though this is the case, they are still very different from each other. People often debate over which phone is superior, so let’s settle this once and (hopefully) for all.

One of the differences between the phones is the hardware. iPhone is owned by Apple, so it has its own software, while Samsung, LG, Motorola, and many other brandsare all powered by Android.


Both phones have their own issues, here are a few of the common ones:

Apple and Android are always putting out new software updates, but Android makers are a bit slower when it comes down to it. Apple is constantly creating updates to make their products function better. The problem with Android’s updates is that older phones often times cannot be supported with them, while older Apple phones are accommodated by the updates. In a sense, this propels Apple and makes it more desirable.

One of the reasons iPhones seem to have the upper-hand is that their App Store is more appealing to consumers who play mobile games. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Android users are provided with a greater variety of apps than Apple users; however, the App Store does not have serious problems with fake apps like Google Play has had in the past. Another plus for iPhone users is that most apps are available on IOS before Android. Because mobile gaming has become very popular, many connoisseurs are more inclined to use Apple products, since there are thousands of games to choose from in the App Store. For that reason, Apple has made gaming technology more powerful.

They both have their problems but are still good products that will accomplish what a phone is designed to do. I personally prefer iPhone as a result of the softwares that are used, the quality, and the easiness of it, but overall, both products are great to use and it ultimately depends on the consumer’s preference.