Freshman CPR and Vaping Assembly


Caleb Merold and Edited by Valerie Alcala

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The assembly brought a focus on how to perform CPR in case of an emergency. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Last Thursday, on April 11, all of Canyon’s freshmen were invited to an assembly focused on the steps of performing CPR and knowing how vaping harms an adolescent’s body. It began with Canyon’s athletic directors, Mr. Lofink and Mrs. Higuera, talking about all the necessary steps to perform CPR. Some of the important steps they outlined were: clearing the scene, tapping the person to see if they are ok, and giving the compressions. Mr. Lofink then demonstrated the steps on a dummy. After their little segment of CPR the freshmen were allowed a ten minute break that then led them into the second part of the assembly: the dangers of vaping.

Two guest speakers were invited to speak on the topic, which they presented on a screen. They then chose two random students from the crowd to come take a quiz in front of everyone. The quiz wasn’t too long, but it succeeded in demonstrating the negative effects of vaping. Both of the contestants won prizes, which included a Hydro Flask and an In-n-Out gift card. 

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Two guest speakers spoke to the freshmen in order to enlighten them on the very real dangers of vaping. Image courtesy of Google Images.

The speakers also discussed how much worse a juul is than cigarettes and how although it may seem cool to some, it is not worth it. 

They then moved onto the advertising of vape products and how they are basically the same as old cigarette ads before they knew it was bad. They showed side by side photos of an old advertisement and a new one for e-cigs. They were virtually the exact same advertisement.

The next topic they moved onto was how all the vape companies claim they aren’t targeting teens but how they really are. They showed some leaked files of a vape company and how it claims in the writing that they are targeting the teens and they make up most of the companies income. It’s sickening how they want kids to throw away their lives and form a nicotine addiction all for a quick buck.

The assembly was extremely informative and was overall very good for this generation’s teenagers.