Taurus Season and April’s Birthstone

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The Taurus sign is often represented by a bull. Image courtesy of Google Images.

As we enter the middle of April, Taurus season is quickly approaching. The Taurus dates are from April 20th-May 20th, making it the second astrological symbol in the Zodiac, after Aries. The main symbol for Taurus is a bull. If you do not know much about the bull, here is a brief look into the character of people who are born into this sign:

As stated on astrology.com, Taurus’s typically like to be comforted and like being surrounded by pleasing things. They are one of the most strong willed and purposeful signs of the zodiac. Taurus’s are very connected with nature itself and have love for the beautiful outdoors. It is easy to put a smile on their face, but they dislike pressure being put against them. When things go downhill, this will provoke a fiesty temper, but they are still loving and loyal. They also can be lazy, stubborn, and self indulgent, but this does not change the fact that they are trustworthy, stable, and humane in many ways.

The brand Alex and Ani is known to make bracelets with every month’s birthstone. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Now, before April comes to an end, let’s discuss the month’s birthstone.

People like birthstones because of the beautiful colors that they come in, and the personal meanings they hold. They were believed to be used as protection, but are now given as gifts to people. They are also believed to give good fortune on certain occasions (meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com)

April is a special month, and because it is during the spring, flowers are starting to bloom. The birthstone for April is a Diamond, which have always been admired by others.

Diamonds are clear, colorless, and a token for affection. They are the toughest gemstone and are made with carbon. The stone was believed to bring happiness to those who received one, so if you know anyone who has a birthday in April, consider gifting them their birthstone!