Tristan Lee’s The Invincibles

Tristan Lee's The Invincibles

Hanna Saghatchi and Edited by Abby Gweon

Cover for Tristan Lee’s book: The Invincibles. Now available on Amazon and Kindle. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Tristan Lee is a published author from Canyon High School. He recently self-published his own book The Invincibles. He was inspired to write this when he saw Captain America: Civil War as a freshman and decided to create his own series. The Invincibles is about a group of superhumans with special abilities. After a superhuman genocide, they are forced to come out of hiding in order to protect the planet as a whole.

He gave new writers a few tips, starting with brainstorming. “No good thing can happen without an idea at its inception,” said Lee. He then dove into the process, explaining, “A brainstorm is very different from person to person. I had this desire I wanted to see in pop culture…however it is a bad idea to skip this stage because it is very hard to do anything if you have nothing to work towards. Planning is even more individualized. Create a skeleton of some kind. That didn’t always work for me. How you do it isn’t as important as getting it done. Writing takes the longest part in this process…Do not fear writer’s block–step back and reread what you have done previously…Before you publish your book, you need to get it edited. Don’t ask just anyone. Go for someone with knowledge, like your English teacher, or someone you trust; you could even ask me. I wrote 19 drafts of The Invincibles before publishing it. You can know it’s great but you still need someone to pick it apart.”

The writing process took Tristan four to five months. He mentioned that his longest time writing was 5 ½ months for book number four, The Black Dragon. Tristan’s favorite character he created is Christopher Drake, an alien who came to Earth with godlike abilities. He envisioned him as a superman-like character who is more caring of himself and his family rather than the rest of the world.

If you are looking to support our fellow Comanche, you can purchase Tristan’s series on Amazon or Kindle! 

Congratulations Tristan! This is an incredible accomplishment!