1st Round Quarterbacks

Caleb Merold and Edited by Abby Gweon

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  1. Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals 1st overall pick

    Image courtesy of Google Images.

Coming into the draft, it was unsure whether the Cardinals were going to pick Murray, considering they had drafted Josh Rosen last year in the first round. They are really rolling the dice drafting him with his 5’10, 207 pound frame. While the Cardinals have traded Rosen to the Dolphins, they seem set on Murray being their guy–even though that’s what they told Rosen last year. Murray was also the previous Heisman winner, playing for Oklahoma last year. He was also drafted in the first round to the Oakland A’s in the MLB, making him the first player to ever be drafted in the first round of the NFL and the MLB.

  1. Daniel Jones – New York Giants 6th overall pick

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The pick that shocked the world: the Giants were expected to take Dwayne Haskins from Ohio State, but instead they drafted Daniel Jones out of Duke.

In Jones’s three years at Duke, he threw 8,201 yards and 52 touchdowns. The Giants fan base was really disappointed by this pick because they all thought that they would be getting Dwayne Haskins. While Daniel Jones could possibly be better than Haskins, only time can tell.

  1. Dwayne Haskins – Washington Redskins 15th overall pick

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This is probably the team that was expected to pick Jones, but because of the Giants shocking pick, Haskins fell right into the hands of the Redskins, who I’m sure aren’t complaining right now. Haskins played for Ohio State for two years, racking up 5,396 passing yards and 54 touchdowns. His stats are very nice and he is a great consistent quarterback. With the recent loss of Redskins quarterback Alex Smith, this could be just what the team needed to get back on their feet.