The Hype Over Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Caleb Merold and Edited by Valerie Alcala

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has received a lot of attention as he happens to be the son of legendary baseball player, Vladimir Guerrero Sr. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Vladimir Guerrero is a rookie third baseman who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays. Recently, the hype surrounding this rising star has been insane. The hype over Guerrero is almost as huge as the one for Mike Trout when he came into the league. So, what’s the big deal over this guy?

Some of his fame may have risen because of the fact that he is the son of Vladimir Guerrero who is in the Hall of Fame for his tremendous batting skills.

It appears that Vladdy Jr. has the same style of play as his legendary father, but since he is a little heavier than his father, he is unable to play the outfield; however, he’s proven to be solid at 3rd base.

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So far, Guerrero Jr. has not been able to prove himself to the fans, although he shows a great deal of potential. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Guerrero Jr. is also following in his father’s footsteps with his powerful bat, although, unlike his father, he has a patient eye. He tends to let balls go and only swings at strikes, which is great for any batter.

Unfortunately he’s gotten off to a rough start. Through his first ten games he’s had 37 at bats with only 6 hits to answer for it and 1 RBI. One can easily chalk that up to just a rookie slump and the higher level of pitching is taking time to adjust to. He’s only hitting a .162 average which is ok, considering he’s a rookie, but he needs to pick it up soon or he could be in trouble.

Guerrero is the most hyped prospect in a long time and has all eyes on him. Hardly anyone would watch the Blue Jays if it weren’t for him, so he needs to start swinging that bat like his father if he wants to make an impact on his team.