Going to Prom Stag: Is It Really a Bad Thing? (opinion)


Hanna Saghatchi and Edited by Valerie Alcala

Most of the greatest high school memories take place with your friends, so who cares if you don’t have a date to the dance!? Image courtesy of Valerie Alcala.

Prom season is here! And a lot of people are having second thoughts because they aren’t sure about going if they don’t have a date‍. Well, Smoke Signals is here to disband the existing stigma that exists over going solo.

Going stag isn’t a bad thing at all. Prom serves as a day for students to dress up, dance, and have fun, and you can certainly do all that without a date. It’s a stereotypical high school experience.

There is less pressure when you go stag. Even after the matching suit and dress have been picked out, the ticket has been bought and the promposal popped, you still have to figure out dinner, a ride, and where to take pictures. You also won’t feel tethered to your date, when you go stag, which can give you the opportunity to talk to new people.

Don’t miss out on your last dance; grab a couple of your pals and have a good time! Image courtesy of Valerie Alcala.



Going with a date can also cause a little bit of trouble as far as drama is concerned. You could feel jealous if your date strays away from you or vice versa, and something even that petty can ruin your whole night.

Going stag can also focus on the relationships that matter most. In a couple of years you’ll forget about your date and you’ll be wishing you’d spent your last dance with your friends. 

Prom would honestly be so much better just going with two or three of your close friends. It’s a memory that 40 years from now, you would look back on and be proud of. So Comanches, if you don’t have a date, don’t sweat it! You’ll have just as much fun–if not more–without one.