Will There Ever be Another Spider-Man Movie?


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Jillian Para, Writer

After Marvel Studios ran out of new ideas for movies about the beloved superhero, Spider-Man, they handed the rights over to the entertainment and finance group, Sony Pictures. Sony was new to making superhero movies, and as an amateur, they won the box office with Spider-Man:Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far

Image courtesy of Google Images

From Home. Their agreement stated that Marvel would make no money off of Sony’s standalone movies, as long as Sony made no money off of Captain America: Civil War, which Spider-Man had an appearance in. Both studios were happy with this agreement and as an unlikely duo, it surprised people that an agreement was reached at all.

The fact that two power companies were able to come together for the benefit of advancing storylines, make fans happy, and not for their own profit, was truly rare. That was up until Sony considered making a third movie, and then the Marvel/Sony agreement became void. Sony and Marvel were no longer working together. Sony blamed Marvel because they claim Marvel does not want Spider-Man’s producer, Kevin Fiege, to work on any more movies. Every movie that Fiege has worked on, has brought in lots of money for the studio, so it is no surprise that Sony is refusing to work on a new movie without him. This, however, does not explain that it may be because Marvel wants to make a greater profit off of the movies. Marvel actually offered a “50/50 financing agreement” with Sony, but it was turned down. As of right now, there will not be any more Spider-Man movies, but things might change. Marvel fans are desperately hoping the two studios can renegotiate and work together for Spider-Man 3. Although unconfirmed, there are rumors that the script for Spider-Man 3 may have started. The two “end-scene credits” from Spider-Man: Far From Home left watchers on a cliffhanger and opened-up more MCU plots for possible future movies. This gives fans hope that they will see their favorite superhero in action one more time.