Storm Area 51, They Cant Stop Us All; What Happened?


Image Courtesy of Google Images

Jillian Para, Writer

Since the famous Facebook post, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All”, the internet has been waiting with much anticipation for Sept. 20 to come along. Over two million people signed up to raid Area 51 and “see them aliens”. The small town of Nevada expected around 5,000 to 25,000 visitors, but only about 3,000 showed up throughout the course of the day.

The crowd had a vast range of people of different backgrounds, who came together to stand outside a military base gate and cause a national security threat. Sounds like fun! The internet referred to the strange gathering as Alienstock and included 12 year-olds on hoverboards, 40 year-olds alien/flat-earth conspirators, and meme enthusiasts. Some showed up in hopes that upon entering Area 51, they would find their “alien girlfriend”. Only around 200 people made it to the front gates of the base because the road was eventually blocked off by the military. 

Image Courtesy of Google Images

At the gates of the base, guards carefully spied over the visitors. Still, the excited group strutted around with their tin foil hats and high spirits. There may not have been much to do there because the group was marveled at the sight of a dog led by a military guard holding a rifle. 

Fortunately, no crowd goers were ill-advised enough to actually storm Area 51. Nevertheless, there were about seven arrests made (many due to public indecency such as public urination), but four were released upon arrest with a citation. 

It took little to no time for Alienstock to turn into a music festival. There was a stage and some live music that people danced to. This main event near the base was sponsored by Bud Light. Some claim to have felt a “sense of community” among each other. 

Many attendees brought some signs along with their alien-themed attire. Signs included sayings such as: “SAVE ET FROM THE GOVERNMENT”, “RUN FASTER THAN THEIR BULLETS”, and some other “meme language” that includes provocative sayings.

Image Courtesy of Google Images

For all people interested in the raid, but wanted to stay in the comfort of their own homes, may have watched “Action 13 News”. These viewers experienced an iconic moment as one of the attendees did the popular Naruto run behind the newscaster on live television.

 For those who were unable to go to this event will get another opportunity. People are claiming this spectacle as a new tradition and will show up in 2020.

Will you be there?