The Flash and Nancy Drew Premieres-The CW’s Mixed Bag of TV

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Siraj Bajwa, Writer

  The CW TV channel is known for its DC superhero TV shows which include Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and more. It’s also known for Riverdale, which most of the readers probably know of. This past week the CW premiered the first episode of The Flash season six and the first episode of its new series, Nancy Drew. One of these episodes was emotional and set up some exciting story lines to follow. The other was, well, just not enjoyable to watch. Two premieres aired just a day apart and on the same network couldn’t have been more different.

Barry and Iris mourn the death of their daughter
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  The Flash ended its last season with a major death, and the effects on our main characters is portrayed phenomenally. Although, it’s kind of weird that Barry and Iris are mourning Nora, their daughter from the future. Thankfully the characters acknowledge that their daughter will be born in their time, so they shouldn’t be sad but they still are. Iris seeks out an item that, in her mind, is her last connection to Nora. Barry seems to be super panicked about people dying in general. These characters realizing how to deal with their feelings and sadness is really powerful and it feels genuine.This show tend

The superheroes that in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths.
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s to have too many one-on-one talks between characters because one character notices the other character looks off, but this episode did it right. 

  The CW is having their own Avengers:

Endgame this December titled Crisis on Infinite Earths, which will act as a crossover between the network’s superhero shows and as an ending for some of their long running stories. The Flash ended its latest episode with a dire warning for Barry, which is obviously just a cliffhanger for Crisis. This story line is actually really intriguing and it’ll keep the viewer waiting intently till December. 

The Flash’s main villain this season, Bloodwork.

  Viewers were also introduced to the Flash’s big bad this season(or at least the first half). He has an interesting connection to Caitlin, which is sure to create some spicy drama later down the line. The main villain of the episode, though, wasn’t exactly the best considering he was part of a generic black-hole plot, which this show has seen before. This can be ignored with all the really exciting teases for the rest of the season, including a speedster from the previous season being back in a mysteriously different way. 

  The premiere of The Flash was exciting, but the same can’t be said for the premiere of Nancy Drew. The latest adaptation of the popular book series initially sounded like a really cool idea. A dark, gritty mystery show based off of the well-known character could’ve been awesome, but instead it’s not. The mystery introduced in the first episode is super bland, with a woman’s husband being the main s

The main cast of Nancy Drew
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uspect at first. Eventually a ghost becomes a main suspect, which was really confusing. This was supposed to be a detective show, but it was kind of all over the place with teen(and adult?) romance which no background is given for, horror shoehorned into the plot that just doesn’t work, and a group of main characters that aren’t given any backstory or likable qualities really. The acting isn’t something to praise wither, with Nancy herself sounding monotone(especially when the audience hears her thoughts). There aren’t really any reasons given to be invested in Nancy Drew. After the premiere, the viewer might not even care about finding out who the killer is because the show doesn’t give us reasons to care. There isn’t any emotion or significance tied to the murder. Hopefully the first episode isn’t indicative of the rest of the show(which it’s supposed to be) because this premiere wasn’t fun at all.

Nancy and a ghost?
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 The CW has a mixed bag of shows right now. The Flash provided an excellent premiere with tons of things to anticipate, while Nancy Drew  just provided boring characters and a boring mystery. The cable network put out to very different premieres just a day apart. Let’s hope The Flash lives up to the awesome story lines it set up and Nancy Drew gets the audience more invested in its characters and mysteries.