Canyon High Schoolers Prepare for Homecoming With a Fun Spirit Week


Seniors, Melinda Sun and Joshua Maguire dress up for Preppy Friday

Jillian Para, Writer

9th graders, Lauren Brown, Laila Dunn, Chaney Redman, and Madeline Ciriza, dress up for Matchy Monday

The week of Oct. 21 to Oct. 25, 2019, Canyon High School students participated in a school “spirit week” that lead up to Saturday night’s Homecoming Dance. This was the first spirit week of the year, so many were very excited.

Monday was called “Matchy Monday”, or twin day, where students were encouraged to wear the same or similar clothes.

Tuesday was “Turn It Up Tuesday”, or neon, and many students showed up in their favorite bright outfits.

Seniors, Emily Kim, Adam Kim, Eugene Setiadi, Lauren Lue, Justin Fleck, and Jocelynn Nguyen, dress up for Turn It Up Tuesday

Wednesday was “Wacky Wednesday”, or crazy socks, crocs, and birkenstocks, where plenty of students showed off their funny foot attire.

Thursday was “Tribe Thursday”, or black and gold for the pep rally, and many came to school representing the Comanches and really defined their school spirit. 

Friday, the last day of spirit week, was “Preppy Friday”, and students wore their preppiest clothes.

Freshmen pose with their crocs and silly socks for Wacky Wednesday  
A group of Sophomores pose for a picture after the pep rally during Tribe Thursday