How Students Can Make Canyon More Spirited

Image Courtesy of Google Images

Image Courtesy of Google Images

Jillian Para, Writer

In the halls of Canyon High School, it may grab many people’s attention of how little students participate during spirit week or who show up to your favorite sport’s games. For many, the first thought in their mind is that they are unhappy with their school and no change can happen in order to make it better. The solution is simple and it involves participating and encouraging others to be their best selves. 

Every circumstance faced in life can be improved and it just starts with one person. If someone is willing to take their time to “be extra” and possibly “go all out”, then it will, in return, encourage others to do the same. The vision of a connected and encouraging school environment that upholds lots of spirit is not ever going to be out of reach.   

One way to become more involved in your school is to go to sport’s games. Whether someone already participates in a sport, or not, going to one of Canyon’s many sports will be beneficial. Supporting the sports programs at Canyon is important in creating a better atmosphere for the school. It makes the athletes feel good and can make everyone feel more connected. By consistently cheering on fellow students in their extracurricular activities, others will be encouraged to join in on the fun! Even if someone is not a big sports fan, coming together as a community to support other students is a great way to make friends and learn about other people’s hobbies. 

Another way to make Canyon a better place is by joining or making a club. Canyon has some remarkable clubs for almost every interest. Every year, Canyon puts together Club Carnival. Next time it comes around, instead of just mindlessly signing up for clubs because they’re sort of interesting or just because the have free candy, try joining something that sparks enough interest in order to actually show up to meetings. Joining clubs and following through with all of its activities can make someone feel more interconnected with the community and inspire others to do the same.  

Sometimes students are overwhelmed with school and may come to the conclusion that they may not have time to go to sports games or clubs. If that is the case, tutoring is a great option. Staying after school in the library to tutor is beneficial for the students receiving help and for the tutor to continue practicing or growing their knowledge about a specific subject. This is also a way to meet new people and to feel apart of something. Tutoring will not take up much time either and tutors can go according to their own schedule.  

Perhaps the most obvious thing to do to make the school feel more spirited is to participate in spirit week. Plan out the things to wear the weekend before and encourage friends to dress up as well in order to prevent the feeling that nobody else is joining you. This creates a desirable environment  for all students to have fun in high school and enjoy their experience.  

It is not hard to improve the “vibe” of the school. The steps just encourage participation. Go out to games, join clubs, tutor, and participate in all the activities ASB puts together for the students. It will make a difference.