The Little Prince


The aviator (Callan Engstrom) and the little prince(Reagan Johnson).

Siraj Bajwa, Writer

From Nov. 19th to Nov. 22nd, Canyon’s second fall play, The Little Prince, premieres! Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7:00. Tickets, sold at the door, cost $10 for students and $12 for adults. Make sure to stop by on one of four days or all four days to witness a magical performance about growing up and the bonds of friendship.

The aviator(Callan Engstrom) crashes his plane in the sahara.

  The Little Prince, based of the famous novella of the same title by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is a fantastical tale of an aviator (Callan Engstrom) who crashed in the Sahara desert and meets a boy called “the little prince” (Reagan Johnson). The little prince tells the aviator the story of his life, and the different planets he has visited. He depicts a friendship with a rose he once had.The boy fells the need to leave his rose(Sheridan Ferrell) and explore the universe, partly due to the rose constantly demanding things. Through this tale, and the overall relationship between the little prince and the aviator, important themes of friendship and even loneliness

The little prince (Reagan Johnson) talks with his rose (Sheridan Ferrell).

(after he leaves the rose, the prince and the rose are both alone) are conveyed. The prince tells the aviator many stories of meeting cold, boring adults on different planets, and some of their qualities are reflected in the aviator. The audience gets a touching expression of how growing up can make obviously make you an adult, but also remove your youthful sense of fun and innocence. At the heart of this play was definitely friendship. The prince “tames” (befriends) a fox (Jennessa Weston), and they run around the stage, playing and smiling. That was such a wholesome scene, but soon the prince leaves that friend too. The aviator and the little prince definitely don’t

The fox (Jenessa Weston) creeps up on the little prince(Reagan Johnson).

start out as fast friends, but many friends don’t. They have many rocky encounters, but they both have mutual problems their time together in a harsh desert brings them closer. A bond is formed that so wonderful to watch acted out, especially with the two main actors expressing beautiful emotions. The prince leaves all of his friends physically, but he will always be with them, in their memories and hearts (sound cliche but it’s true in real life too).

One of the coolest part of this play was the on screen effects. Watching a swarm of black-clad actors with lights on their fingers, glowing through the dark stage was simply magical. At one point, a bunch of people acting as trees rush onscreen so quick and seamlessly. It was really cool to see. The lighting and colors are full of emotion and heart, with some fear and death in there, too. In the background, different drawings are projected, acting as visuals for what the actors are speaking about. All of the different effects and numerous things happening onscreen at once make for a wholesome, wondrous experience you don’t want to miss out on.

The little prince (Reagan Johnson) lies on the aviator’s (Callan Engstrom) lap.

The Little Prince is a really fun play. The effects, the acting, the story, the themes, and just overall the amazing time it is makes it a must-watch. It’s out for four days, so make sure to go at least once. Kick off you Thanksgiving break with this awesome play! Support Canyon and all the hard-working students who practiced for months to give you this show. We hope to see you there!