CHS Voter Drive


Callan Engstrom, Editor

  The week of December 2-6th is a voter drive here at Canyon High School. This is an annual event at Canyon, put on by Canyon JSA and Key Club. The clubs offer extra credit with some teachers, in exchange for students as young as 16 to preregister to vote in regional and national elections. 

  The clubs hope not to attract only those of legal voting age, but teenagers 16-17 as well. “Pre-registration means that you don’t have to go through the registration when you are 18, you can just go to the polls and vote. Registering to vote is not hard, and you can start at 16 so that means that at 18, you’re good to go. You don’t even have to think about it. You only have to register once” said JSA publicity officer and junior Archita Ray, one of the organizers of the voter drive.

  JSA and Key Club hope to encourage their peers to participate in their community, through activities such as community service, voter drives, and debates. “First of all we do want people to be pre-registered and to understand that voting is important, but also because we want to bring more political activism to our school, and make a difference in the community. The whole thing with JSA is that it’s trying to promote youth participation. Although we can’t participate in every way, most of us can’t vote yet, bringing youth participation however we can to the school, that’s the whole point of JSA.”

  The voter drive is attracting all kinds of students from all over the political spectrum to come and do their civic duty. Junior Karina Patel pre-registered to vote at the event. “You make people vote, so they can be encouraged to contribute, and make this country a better place.”

  The voter drive will be going on until Friday at lunch, and registering is as easy as ever. Go to the tables in the courtyard, bring your social security number or driver’s licence, and fill out paperwork. Make a difference in your country!