Color Guard and Drumline Have Their Last Performance and Go To Finals!

Color guard and drumline perform together. Image courtesy of Nazaire LeBlanc.

Color guard and drumline perform together. Image courtesy of Nazaire LeBlanc.

Jillian Para, Writer

On Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019, Canyon High School’s color guard and drumline had their last show at Newport Harbor High School. This was the first time this regiment got to go to finals and the excitement from these students was soon taken over by intense focus on the field. The stands in this outdoor stadium was filled with fans, rivals, and

Colorguard performer shows off her skills during the show.

judges who carefully watched over the whole show. Of course, no show would be complete without a challenge, as this day in particular was very windy. This posed a threat for color guard as they must have total control of their flags in the air. Nevertheless, the show went on. 

This show begins with a huge applause and lots of cheers from the crowd. As they start off, the band and color guard form together in a line before redirecting into different parts of the field. Many were able to tell just how much time was taken into making this performance perfect as everything was synchronized and fit into place. In the first song, color guard pulls off impressive moves with their bright orange flags, which complemented their elegant blue costumes very well. As color guard effortlessly swings and spins their flags, the band continues to play their instruments while parading around, being able to dodge each other and the flags. In a quick and subtle transition from the band, they pull out long, blue poles and dances around with them, and intrigues the audience.

Color guard practices before their big show. Image courtesy of Nazaire LeBlanc.

Soon after, color guard brings silky swing-flags onto the field and suddenly shocked the crowd when each flag turns into two. The show continues with the band running into a spiral and color guard showing off their skills with sabers and more vivid flags. As it comes to and end, the crowd lets out one loud and final cheer, showing their support for the amazing show.

“When I’m performing for color guard I feel a lot of energy on the field and I can feel all of my friends, just as excited as I am, and it’s just a super fun experience and I can feel everyone on the field,” stated Junior Lauren Beamer on color guard.

 The show lasted around six minutes and everyone was given points on different qualities. Marching band was judged by their music and how “together” or “in-tune” they sounded. The band is also judged by how clean they are

Drumline prepares with their coach before the show.

able to march. Color guard, on the other hand, is ranked on how synchronized and difficult their routine is. 

As a whole, the regiment got ninth place in their division finals. Despite the wind and the extreme competitiveness of this division, everyone was still ecstatic at the fact of making it to the finals and giving it their best effort. 

“I think it was our best performance yet. We all did really good. There was really good energy on the field; everyone was super hyped,” stated Senior Alina Variakojis, captain of the color guard team, after performing in her last show.

Captains pose for a photo after a previous show.