Why Danny Devito…?

There's nobody else better to worship


Kaylee Wardlow, Writer

If you have never been on Tik Tok before, this is what you are missing… Danny Devito.
Danny Devito has been a popular video idea on Tik Tok as teens are not only posting about him but they are also making shrines. These shrines can appear in the bathroom, hallways, lockers, inside walls, and pretty much anywhere kids can get them.

The very first shrine was made at a college in northern New York. It was located inside of a towel dispenser  which consisted of  trash. Phillip Hosang was the college student to create the shrine. He initially thought that because there was so much trash, only one person could represent it… Danny DeVito (starred in the trash movie, Always Sunny). The student created the shrine as a joke and was not expecting people to leave offerings to the Danny Devito cardboard cutout.

As the shrine gained popularity on social media, the school board sealed it off due to safety reasons. School officials did keep the notes, pictures and posters for the Devito shrine and are trying to relocate the ensemble somewhere else at the school. People have also asked Danny Devito (on social media) to come check out the shrine for himself.

Danny Devito has been a popular choice to create a shrine but other celebrities and strange characters have been chosen as well. Here are a few chosen for the shrines Keanu Reeves, Raini Rodriguez, Naruto, High school Musical, that weird dog from Pets life  (Max), Baby Yoda, John Quinones, and Peppa Pig! Unfortunately a shrine has yet to be made in Canyon but surely one will come soon.