5 Best Holiday Songs to Spice up your Playlist

Nadia Harman, Writer

As it nears the holiday season people like to host or go to parties to celebrate everything the season has to offer. Music plays a large part of these festivities. Everyone Knows the classics like “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey or “Last Christmas” by Wham but here is a list of five more songs to add to your holiday playlist to really spice it up. 


5. “The Christmas Song” by Weezer: Released in December of 2000 this song is a rocking ballad of missing your loved one and hoping they visit you under the mistletoe for Christmas but finding they no longer want to be with you and getting ditched on Christmas. Although the lyrics are ridiculous “ You told me you would bring presents and treats, Cheering my spirits with homemade sweet meats.” it is still a great song and should be added to your playlist. 

4. “Jingle Bells” By Barenaked Ladies: Want a way to really surprise your guests? Play this song to get them to really jump into the holiday spirit. The song starts off as a beautiful melancholy take on the 1850 classic carols by James Lord Peirpont then takes an unexpected upbeat jazzy turn also adding in the verse “Jingle Bells, Batman smells…” 

Emerson, Lake and Palmer

3. “I Believe in Father Christmas” by Emerson, Lake and Palmer: This beautiful song by English Prog Rockers tells the story of the birth of Jesus in an interesting way. The song makes you feel like you’re looking at twinkling Christmas lights.

2. “The Merriest” by June Christy: Released in 1961 on June Christy’s jazz Christmas album is a holiday song about wishing everyone to have a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year. The song was re released in 2016 on the compilation album A Capitol Christmas.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1. “Elf’s Lament” By Barenaked Ladies Ft. Michael Buble: What is Christmas without a Michael Buble Holiday song?
This song Featuring Buble tells the

Michael Buble

tales of overworked  elves in Santa’s workshop and how they need the rest of the elves to go on strike with them so they can be free and live the lives they really want. “I’m a toy but I’ve got aspirations.”