An undiscovered gem!


Kaylee Wardlow, Writer

In 2018 we were graced with the presence of Assassination Nation, but now we discover that another treasure made in that same year has deliberately been ignored. Flower, a 2018 production, was another teen coming of age story that shocked many of its viewers like Euphoria and Assassination Nation. Although the movie didn’t have the same director and writer as the two other mentioned above, Max Wrinkler does a fantastic job describing the hardships of teens afflicted with traumatic experiences and doings.

Flower begins with the introduction of Erica Vandross (Zoey Deutch on far left) and her friends blackmailing a cop (who is a predator) in which he either has to pay up or a video of him will be released to the public. The movie seems to insinuate that the girls have blackmailing “evil people” in order to collect money to break Erica’s dad out of jail. Erica receives a set back in her plans when her mom Laurie ( Kathrryn Hahn) introduces her new boyfriend and his mentally unstable son who just got out of rehab.

With two new people living in their house, Erica tries her best to get along with her new step brother only to find some grave news about his past. Luke, her stepbrother, encountered a teacher from his past at the bowling alley, which caused him to go into a state of panic. As they arrive at a hospital Luke’s dad reveals that Luke was assaulted by his middle school teacher and was found not guilty. This drives Erica to create a grand scheme with her friends to get this teacher into trouble and get justice.

Max Wrinkler impressed movie critics with Flower in March 2018 with its development of characters rising out of their pains. The actors are absolutely fantastic in their roles. The best performance would have to go to Zoey Deutch who gives Erica her rebellious and charismatic personality. The drama is considered to be a dark comedy however it is rated R due to certain scenes and language.