Little Women Spoiler Free Movie Review- A Feminist Movie For Everyone

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Siraj Bajwa, Writer

A movie titled Little Women would seemingly be only for women. While this movie was definitely made for women, it’s a universal tale of passion, loss, change, social norms, empowerment, war, love, marriage, family, and so much more that people of all genders can appreciate and learn from!

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Little Women is based on classic novel by the same, written by Louisa May Alcott in the last eighteen hundreds, but it’s far from a boring retelling of the same story. The 2019 adaptation’s ending is actually different from the novel’s, sending a better message to girls and women. The new cast features Saoirse Ronan as “Jo”, Emma Watson as “Meg” March, Florence Pugh as Amy March, Eliza Scanlen as “Beth” March, Laura Dern as Marmee March, and Timothée Chalamet as “Laurie”. Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth are four sisters living during the years after the Civil War. Jo is a writer, Meg is an actor, Amy is a painter, and Beth is a pianist. The movie shows how the different sisters interact with the world and how they pursue their passions in time when women were confined to being a wife and mother. Ronan’s performance is stunning, and especially when she has a monologue about how women are more than what society tell them they are. Everyone in the cast delivers heartwarming/breaking performances that makes this movie so engaging.

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This movie really is for everyone because of its universal themes. I, as a teenage boy, saw a passionate women who was determined to get her words out to the world. I saw a family struggling to stay together, yet never really separating because of how strong those bonds are. I also got a new perspective on women and how they experience a world that has and still is not fair to them. What’s truly amazing about this movie is that it doesn’t say the romance and marriage aspects of a women’s life should be ignored. It says “why not both?” Why can’t women be mothers and daughters and wives, but also be important to society through their passions? Another awesome thing is that these lessons are never shoehorned into the story. They’re shown through entertaining sequences of the March sisters horsing around or attending a ball. It’s actually a really fun movie to watch.

Please go watch Little Women. You’ll learn so much while having a fun time at the theater! Take your sisters, parents, and brothers, too! Little Women is truly a feminist movie for everyone!