The new Thriller Monster Movie!



Kaylee Wardlow, Writer

Going into this movie there wasn’t much to be expected and in the words of Chris Stuckman “Hollywood likes to dump their trash in January, but Hollywood also like to throw movies in January when they don’t know what to do with them”. Underwater was originally supposed to come out in 2017 but because Disney bought 20th Century Fox, the release was postponed.

Underwater is one of those movies where you can see the similarities between other thriller monster movies but the story and the movie itself is what makes it stand out from the others. For example Alien is the number one movie people compared Underwater to due to the continuous suspense and claustrophobic feeling it gives the viewer. Kristen Stewart explains in an interview with Variety that Underwater was one of the most difficult movies she  ever had to film due to the actors doing a majority of their own stunts, doing shots in pitch black water tanks, and trying their best to avoid using special effects or green screen.  Kristen Stewart was impressive in this movie. It was genuinely surprising to see how much she’s grown as an actor from her previous movies. 

The film immediately starts off with action as it begins with a gigantic ship drilling at the bottom of the ocean for oils; it implodes and kills all but six of the 316 crew members. The six survivors discover that the accident was caused by an “ earthquake” and the only way to reach the escape pods is to travel across the ocean floor by foot. Trekking on their journey, they discover it wasn’t just an earthquake but that an alternative ecosystem has been angered. Soon the crew learns they are being hunted down by these unknown creatures and it is a fight for life or death.

This science fiction mystery allows the audience to fear tight spaces, sense something is following you, and be on the edge of your seat for 90 minutes. Since the action starts early in the film, your heart rate is taken on a wild ride. Check out Underwater rated PG-13, showtimes are still available locally.