Canyon High School’s Lettuce-Themed Spirit Week

Image courtesy of Google Images.

Image courtesy of Google Images.

Jillian Para, Writer

It’s that time of the school year! Spirit week and a pep rally! Instead of a Winter Formal or Sadie Hawkins, students will leave 3rd period for 30 minutes and “get hyped”. In order to prepare students for this exciting pep rally, ASB put on a “creative” spirit week. 

This weeks theme is lettuce for “Let Us Rally”. Many students can appreciate a simple pun, but this vegetable pun was taken to it’s limit. This article will be just as ridiculous as this theme. 

Question: What were your thoughts on this weeks spirit theme?
Alina Variakojis: I think ASB is trying to be healthier, but failing. This is like their new diet.
Madie Stephen: It’s a little weird.

For Monday, we have thousand island dressing. Thousand island dressing is mostly made of mayonnaise, ketchup, and other spices, but students were just asked to wear Hawaiian shirts.

Question: What are your thoughts on thousand island dressing?
Alex Figueroa:  I’m disappointed it’s not made of a thousand islands.
Hannah Brown: I’ve never had it, but I wonder from what thousand islands they got this dressing from.

Seniors, Melinda Sun and Alex Figueroa wearing Hawaiian shirts.

Tuesday is healthy greens. This themed day fits in perfectly as salads and lettuce consists mostly of green vegetables. Canyon students wore green.

Question: What’s your favorite healthy green?
Variakojis: Veggie straws.
Brown: Grass.


Excited Freshmen pose together in their green outfits.

Wednesday’s theme was balsamic vinaigrette. Balsamic vinaigrette has two ingredients: balsamic and vinegar. Students dressed preppy for this day, but many are still unsure how it relates to balsamic vinaigrette or salad.

Question: When was the last time you had balsamic vinaigrette?
Stephens: Yesterday.
Brown: Never.

Seniors, Lauren Price, Bethany Crouch, and Hannah Nguyen show off their preppy clothes.

For Thursday, we had ranch. Ranch is great for salads, fries, and many more “dippable” food items. Students were asked to dress western this day.

Question: What do you eat with ranch?
Figueroa: Ranch.
Stephens: Chicken Nuggets

Seniors, Brian Barraza and Gus Solis pose together in their Western clothes.

Finally, on Friday, or pep rally day, the theme was house salad. Students wore black and gold, or Canyon colors. House salads differ between restaurants.

Question: Have you ever ordered a house salad?
Figueroa: Only with lettuce.
Variakojis: I mean I’ve made a salad in my house once, but I’ve never ordered one.

Senior, Jessica Schempp smiles in her black and gold outfit.