Parasite-Spoiler Free Movie Review

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Siraj Bajwa, Writer

Parasite is a film experience unlike any other. Sitting in a theater, darkness everywhere, and your eyes focusing on the subtitles appearing seconds after lines are spoken. You’re glued to this movie. A film of deception, greed, and class discrimination is filled with meaningful visual metaphors and foreshadowing.

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The Oscar-winning movie revolves around the poor Kim family stealthily infiltrating the wealthy Park family. After one Kim family member gets a job as a tutor for the Park family, the rest of his family soon follows. Through lies and greed, the Park family gains a stream of money through inserting themselves into the rich family’s home. What happens after that would be spoiler territory, but just know it’s a shocking, unnerving experience.

One of the most amazing feats this movie has accomplished is keeping the audience staring at the screen for two hours. Subtitles were definitely an aspect of the movie being so gripping, but the walls of the Park residence filled with paintings and the suspenseful situations constantly thrown into the story can account for how constantly interesting Parasite is. When a twist is thrown in, this movie gets extremely stressful and unnerving, and it’s impossible to look away.

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Parasite is by no means a traditional horror movie, nor is it even labeled one at all. It’s actually labeled Drama/Mystery, but it’s terrifying. The fact that this movie could happen in real life, and that certain parts of it are no doubt happening right now, is frightening. The reality of the a poor person’s situation and opportunities, and the arrogance and ignorance that can come with wealth. The effects of greed are showcased too, clouding your conscious and morals, while greed itself isn’t entirely unearned in this situation. The Park house itself is screaming horror, to. The green, grassy lawn is so perfect, it’s just telling the audience to ruin it. The house has a basement, but I won’t get into what makes that terrifying (I mean, basements in general are always horror movie material). It’s a scary movie without any jump scares (well, there’s a long, dim-lit hallway that’s so creepy).

Winner of Best Picture (it’s the first non-English film to win), Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best International Film, director Bong Joon Ho’s movie is a record-breaking masterpiece of a film. Visually clever, thematically impactful, unnnerving, sometimes hilarious, and overall, just a suspenseful experience that will keep you glued to the screen. Don’t let the language barrier stop you from watching this amazing film. Go watch it while you still can! You might need to take a moment to catch your breath afterwards, though. Your mind will have gone through quite the trip.