Club Carnival

Shafe Asghar, Writer

In case you didn’t know what club carnival is, it is a carnival at CHS where club members are able to engage the student body with their club goals. Different clubs set up tables, posters and even offer food in order for the opportunity to talk about their club and explain what it’s about, how it helps you, and why you should join. 

There are approximately 80 clubs that exist at Canyon, and that number grows every year.
Each club stands for something different. 

Clubs such as Red Cross, Key Club, Save Our Seas, and Recycling For Reefs help and serve the community.  

Key Club is an international club with membership around the world.
Not only do they provide volunteer services but they raise money for several charities. 

Another club that focuses on helping others is Liberty in North Korea.
This club is involved in different fundraising measures that is sent to the Link Headquarters and used to help North Korean refugees. 

There are also other clubs at Canyon that offer students the availability to follow their passion such as CHS Flight, Drama Club, Mock Trial, and Artistic Minds. 

Artistic Minds is a club that brings people together who are “artsy” and enjoy sharing those skills with others. This club celebrates that uniqueness and has fun with it. They also have several art competitions and drawing meetups.

With so many opportunities to be involved, if you ever feel bored or just want to do something more, go check out and join a club. The clubs on campus are fun to be in and can help you make new connections.