I Am Not Okay With This – A Netflix Hit

Prepare for Another Skyrocketing Original!



Kaylee Wardlow, Writer

In a world where Stranger Things and many other fantastic Netflix originals exist, Netflix tries its best to top the other every time. With its brand new show, I Am Not Okay With This, Netflix definitely hit the bar with this one, reuniting Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff from It (2017) as the show has reached the top ten most watched on Netflix landing on #3. The show is based off the graphic novel I Am Not Okay With This by Charels Forsom who has also written another Netflix original classic along with many other best selling novels.

Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis), an introverted teen trying her best to get through high school and life with her best friend (and crush) Dina, only to find out she recently has got a new boyfriend Brad (who is also homophobic). During her time of being alone, she meets Stanley an awkward teen boy she seems to get along really well with, and she begins to spend most of her time with Stanley hoping he doesn’t turn his back on her. Syd has a hard time dealing with not only the fact that her best friend has a boyfriend, who doesn’t particularly like Syd, but on top of that –  things at home aren’t going so well either.                                                        

At home, Maggie’s mother and younger brother Liam are struggling to get by. Syd’s mother is constantly working which just leaves her and Liam. The three absolutely refuse to talk about a tragedy wearing down on them… Syd’s father’s suicide that happened just recently. As Syd goes on with her life, her emotions start to become out of control, normally in small bursts of anger but now it’s become something else. Something inside of her has awoken since her father’s death and now she has the most unthinkable powers she didn’t even know existed
and she intends to find out where they come from with the help of Stan.        

This show was done perfectly whether it comes to the cast, the story line, or even the music composition. It has the perfect mix of comedy and mystery, while the characters can release the comedic relief there’s still the aching mystery about what is about to happen next. In the season finale of the show it left off with a major cliff hanger and many unanswered questions which has added on to the mysterious anticipation. Many viewers are already expecting a second season soon because of the popularity the show has reached. Although Netflix has not confirmed for a season two for the show it has been confirmed that the original cast would return if there was one.

Further research about this show/novel reveals that the book takes a much darker turn as the chapters go by. Many wonder if the shows next seasons will be as dark and gruesome as the book ( hopefully filled with the same twists and turns). While the show has already gone on its own track when it comes to story line, one can tell by the ending of season one that Syd’s story will definitely have more conflict in it even if it isn’t as gruesome as the novel.