Make Quarantine Productive! Here’s Some Things To Try Out While We’re Away From School

Siraj Bajwa, Writer

It’s been a few weeks since the students of Canyon High School were sent home because of the infamous coronavirus, and it’ll be a while before we get to go back to school. Many events and activities were cancelled, like sports and plays. We can’t go outside and hang out with friends. It’s kind of a boring time for many students right now. These weeks might just be a waste of time for a lot of us, or they could be a weeks of productive change. With so much free time, there’s so much time to do things many of us didn’t have time to do while we were at school or had after school sports.


Okay, I know reading isn’t a super popular hobby when it comes to teens. Reading the wrong book could be one of the most boring things ever. It also takes more effort than watching TV, since understanding what you read requires the use of your imagination and you may not understand all of the vocabulary. Although, many of us don’t even try. We read a few pages and give up, because it’s boring, and it takes kind of a while to get through books. Well, now that we kind of have weeks of doing whatever we want to indoors, you can try it again! Trust me, reading can be an extremely rewarding experience. While you may feel guilty after binging an entire TV show, finishing a book series or a single novel feels wonderful. TV shows kind of throw themes and agendas on you, while books allow you to process information on your own, developing your own opinions and beliefs. Books also can give you a character’s inner thoughts and desires, something movies and TV shows don’t usually give you. Also, thinking that books are boring is a strange thing because there’s so much to choose from mystery, fantasy, adventure, romance, and basically anything else. Reading is just a whole different experience than TV and movies, and you have so much time to try it out.

Spend Time With The Family

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  Everyone in your house is stuck together for a while, so why not kill time with them? These weeks could act as bonding time for your family. Get to know your siblings better. Try things they like doing, and get them to try things you like. Grab and ball and play with them in your backyard. Play board games, cards, or video games. Just try spending time with them, since you might not have that time if there wasn’t a pandemic going on.

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Without physically being a school, we won’t have our PE classes or sports. We also can’t go to gyms  since most of them have closed down. That doesn’t mean we have to get unhealthy. There are tons of exercises you can do at home, without equipment. Body weight exercises like push-ups and sit-ups are some examples. Almost every fitness YouTuber has put together a workout you can do at home without equipment, too. Set aside some time during the day and try a workout. Many of them are fairly simple, and if you do them correctly you can actually sweat.

Those are just a few examples of some things try out during quarantine, but really, I’m just saying to try new things. Being quarantined is definitely not a positive situation in in of itself since it is due to the spreading of a disease, but we can gain so much from this extra time. Reflect on your past, try cooking, play a new genre of video game. Make this time away from school productive, and try to get the best out of it! Stay healthy Comanches!