COVID-19 Poem

Diane Hashem, Editor

This was my senior year.

It should’ve been filled with cheer.

Closure of schools worldwide,

Had our graduation set aside.


There’s so much studying.

Don’t forget all the wondering.

Is everyone going to be okay?

We can only focus on today.


Make sure to wake up at dawn

Before all the toilet paper is gone.

I’m learning how to cook now;

These days everyone is a chef somehow.


Starting the college chapter soon.

It’s my time to bloom.

No dorms for fall quarter.

If only a lower tuition was in order!


By opening my door,

I get to see family more.

Although I can’t help but cry

When we have so many problems with the wifi.


Sadness overcomes me from time to time,

But I say I’m doing just fine.

It’s okay to feel this way,

I know we’ll be alright one day.


Essential workers are who I am thankful for.

They deserve the world and more.

I aspire to be on the frontlines too

Helping humanity push through.


Hope everyone is now content

Because that was my intent!

‘Til we meet again;

This isn’t the end.