14.5-foot Crocodile Caught at Australian Tourist Spot


Courtesy of independent.co.uk

The crocodile is tied down onto the stretcher

Jasmine Sehgal, Writer

In the Flora Rivera Nature park, a massive male crocodile was recently caught. Flora Rivera is a popular fishing spot and is a habitat for wildlife. Due to the presence of saltwater crocodiles, visitors are prohibited from swimming. 

Weighing 770 pounds and a staggering 14.5 feet from snout to tail makes this crocodile the largest one caught in Flora Rivera in years. The spokesperson of the park said this capture will be used for breeding in a crocodile farm.

The crocodile is with some of the rangers and he is on the transporter. (Courtesy of CNN.com)

The method used for catching problematic crocodiles is using harpooning techniques. Rangers catch about 250 per year. They are either sent to crocodile camps or killed.

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest reptiles in the world. Males can be up to 23ft and over 2,200 pounds. These crocodiles usually live near the coasts. Tourists are warned when they are in heavily crocodile populated zones.