What CHS Sports Looks like in Quarantine

Ben Malo, Editor

It was a 100 degree weather type of day September 1st, on campus at Canyon High. Something was different though, there was a certain aura about the place that made it seem like an unusually  cheerful Tuesday afternoon. This is because, for the first time since the COVID lockdown began, students were allowed back on campus. Now, this wasn’t to learn math or science, but to participate in team sports and get back in shape for a (hopefully) rapidly approaching season. Kids waved and smiled in the parking lot while trying their best to stand 6 feet apart from one another as they lined up to get their COVID forms checked. Some dread the idea of conditioning to get back into shape after a long hiatus, but even they could not deny that it felt good to be back. When I asked Junior Ethan Pham of the football team if it was hard getting in shape he answered simply, “Well, it’s not easy” and laughed. 

Goalie Anna Vaughn blocking a shot


The precautions are tough, with sports like football and waterpolo not being able to pass balls, run plays, or even swim in the same lane. The basic rules are as follows, when not working out you must wear a mask in and around campus, during dry land workouts you must maintain a safe distance of 6 feet apart, and a parent or guardian must sign an OUSD approved COVID Form to every practice stating that the student athlete does not have a fever or is experiencing known symptoms. The rules and quite honestly a lot to remember when you’re rushing out of your house. Often when walking around campus you’ll find kids sitting outside their practices on the phone with a parent asking to send a picture of the form, or doing push ups because they forgot their own ball. The Cheer team has been practicing for about two weeks now and I spoke with Junior Emilee Ersham about how the precautions effect practice, “I think practice is a little worse because we can’t stunt because we can’t touch each other.” 


Ethan Pham playing football for Canyon

Even though practicing sports has become significantly harder through this pandemic, I think every athlete on campus is beyond grateful to be back representing their school through playing the sports they love. Senior Anna Vaughn said this after I asked her if she appreciated her sport more now after she had been away from it for a while, “Definitely, … I’ve really missed playing waterpolo a lot …I’ve never really realized how much of a privilege it is for me to be playing, I never expected it to be something that could go away.”