Disneyland Reopening

The Main Street in Disneyland is seen completely empty during the pandemic.

The happiest place on earth has been barren and desolate for the past 6 months. However, it is possible that the lights may be turning on. Disneyland might be reopening. An official date has not been released, but the Downtown Disney District has already begun a phased reopening and is open to the public.

While Disneyland might be reopening soon, there will be differences to accommodate distancing guidelines. So far, parks have not been opened and they have not been scheduled to do so publicly due to required approval from the government. When the parks open, you will need to make a reservation even if you have a season pass. Capacity will be limited and certain attractions, restaurants, stores, etc, will be closed or modified in usage. However, you can now go back to Downtown Disney and the World of Disney Store, but with regulations. Parking is allowed in the Simba lot, guests’ temperatures will be taken, physical distancing will be enforced, sanitation levels will be improved, including places where guests can wash their hands or use hand sanitizer, the reduction of certain activities, and the necessity of face masks for every guest that is over the age of 2. Going to Downtown Disney means that the public is accepting the risk of contracting the virus,  COVID-19.

Guests over two will have to wear face masks, and they can only wear certain types of masks. Disney said that mesh, valved, or any masks with holes are not permitted right now. Masks have to fully expand over the mouth, nose, and chin, have to be kept in place so that guests can use them hands-free, be composed of at least 2 layers, and should not be loose. Open-chin triangle bandanas, neck gaiters, and costume masks are not allowed either.

So far, Disney has not released an open date. With that date may come more information like what attractions will be closed, the exact number of guests allowed in the parks, whether or not the hotels will open, how the lines will work, if the guests will have to send in a negative test result before entering, and if they will change their opening and closing schedule. Disneyland will still be the happiest place on earth just with limitations.

Important Downtown Disney District Reopening Information