Fall Shows – Preview of what is to come


Noelle Martinez, Writer

During the week of September 24th, the yearly kickoff to Fall season TV shows will finally take place. However, this year it will be far from conventional due to COVID-19. Several news channels like CBS, ABC, NBC and The CW spent a majority of their summers brainstorming safe plans to properly resume television production. Most of these productions include returning, new, scripted, unscripted, and primetime series shows during the pandemic. 

Multiple Fall television shows had delayed premiere dates. Jennifer Maas from The Wrap provides us with a list of these postponed dates. Some of these premiere dates include: “Monday, Sept. 21 8 p.m. — “L.A’s Finest” (Fox, network debut of Spectrum Originals series), 9 p.m. — “Filthy Rich” (Fox, series premiere), 10 p.m. — “Manhunt: Deadly Games” (CBS, network debut of Spectrum Originals series), Tuesday, Sept. 22 8 p.m. — “Cosmos: Possible Worlds” (Fox, network debut of shared Nat Geo series), Wednesday, Sept. 23 8 p.m. — “The Masked Singer” (Fox, season premiere), 9 p.m. — “I Can See Your Voice” (Fox, series premiere), Thursday, Sept. 248 p.m. — “Celebrity Family Feud” (ABC, season premiere), 9 p.m. — “Press Your Luck” (ABC, season premiere), 10 p.m. — “Match Game” (ABC, season premiere), 10 p.m. — “Star Trek: Discovery” (CBS, network debut of CBS All Access series’ Season 1).” 

The very popular CW series All American, also found on Netflix, has delayed their third season. Cody Schultz from Fansided’s Netflix Life subcategory announces that “All American season 3 will not premiere until January 2021.” Fans from all over the world are upset by the unanticipated gap between seasons. The television network CW has decided to defer several of its returning show’s new seasons until January 2021. This frustrating delay is due to the new production shutdowns which continuously affect various studios and networks with each day. Although season 3 has been rescheduled, All American was able to complete its filming prior to shutdown to complete its second season. With Billy and Spencer quitting football and leaving Beverly Hills High, there is much room for drama and excitement. The season season 2 finale left us on the edge of our seats when Spencer finally returned to South Crenshaw High School.

The pandemic crucially impacted studios around the world, as well as their scheduled productions. Fans from all over the world have been anticipating new seasons, new episodes, and more entertaining content from their favorite writers. While COVID-19 delayed some of these premiere dates, directors, producers, and production teams have been doing everything in their power to produce the content fans are waiting for. It is important that during these times we take current circumstances into account, and stay patient while our favorite shows slowly are able resume production.