The Shining Movie Review


The Elevator Scene

Blood flows in front of the Hotels Elevator

This film is about a family, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) , Wendy Torrence (Shelley Duvall), and Danny Torrence (Danny Lloyd) who have to look after a hotel in the middle of a winter storm. They are looking after the strange hotel when strange things start to happen. Wendy starts to recall things her husband did, and she starts to wonder what happened to her son Danny. As the movie progresses, all of her flashbacks of Danny start to come true. Her husband Jack starts to act very unusually, and she is worried about her husband. But what is causing Jack and Danny to act so strangely? Is it just them? Or does the hotel and it’s sinister past have something to do with it?

This movie is based on physiological horror, focusing on the thriller and cliffhanger aspect of horror films. It is a surprising film that starts off casual and ends up making you wonder what will happen next. Every minute of the film leaves you with questions and mysteries that need to be solved. All of the scary scenes are brilliantly entwined with causal scenes that you wouldn’t expect in a horror film, making you constantly wonder when you’ll be terrified next. The beginning of the movie is like any other movie and the characters are in the scenes as normal people. The movie doesn’t tell us that they will be soon entering a world of insanity and murder. They are just portrayed as an innocent family, but they quickly realize they’re getting more than they bargained for.

As the movie progresses, the scenes become more and more dramatic. Visions start to happen and paranormal things appear when the characters least expect it. The family is in for a terrifying ride as they are trapped in a world of horror that they have to endure all on their own with no contact with the outside world. They’re going insane but none of them realize it. They think it’s just the lack of contact with people but it is so much more than that.

As the scenes become more and more gruesome, it’s hard to tell if this film will turn into a full on slasher movie or if it will remain a psychological thriller film. As the film continues, scenes of blood and gore increase but the movie keeps its insanity and suspense aspect intact. That’s what makes it so unique. This horror picture keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole film, as you go on a ride filled with blank stares, blood, screams, shock, and an occasional scene of nudity, but be reminded, it isn’t what you think. This movie is made to shock you.

All of the scenes are made to make you think. It makes you wonder how and why the movie was conjured up. It has its scenes that aren’t meant to shock the audience because these scenes are meant to calm you, but at the same time it’s meant to make you wonder when the scary scenes will come, but they’re put in so seamlessly that it begins the downhill ride to insanity and shock very well, leaving nothing out and nothing unnecessary in.

This movie is one of the best thriller movies out there. It has its share of shock, blood, and madness, but it’s tame enough to be watched by all ages. Young and old audiences can watch this amazing, well-known movie, but beware, it’s a rollercoaster of a good movie. You may think the movie is just a film about a family living in a secluded hotel, but it delves deep into a movie about how someone can quickly snap and have their mind twisted so far beyond insanity that they begin to hear voices, see ghosts, and question if their own family is against them.

Many people highly recommend this thriller movie. It has the right amount of shock value and bone-chilling scenes. Each scene is perfect in its own way. If you are looking for a horror movie that is filled with mystery and cliffhangers and mysterious characters, then this is the film for you!