Coming Back to Canyon



Egypt Dean, Writer

Canyon is officially ready to return for the new school year. Starting on October 16th, students will start in person learning in classrooms with their teachers. Because of the global pandemic, the school year has been split into “Instructional Models”  (phases). 

At the beginning of the school year, students participated in Phase 1: 100% Distance Learning. Phase one consisted of three classes a day/every day for a quarter. The first quarter ends next week and high schools will transition to Phase 2. Next quarter, students can opt to have In-Seat Instruction. This is a hybrid learning environment of  half online and half in person learning. Students were given the option to stay online and at home or participate in the hybrid phase. The students returning to campus for face to face instructions will be split into two groups based on their last name (group A or group B).  The third and final phase is called Normal Operation Resume; this phase opens the campus up to run as scheduled (pre Covid) without social distancing

For those students returning next week – Welcome Back!