Midnight Sun Book Review *The Twilight Series

Book Cover

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Book Cover

In two months, Sephine Meyers sold over a million copies of Midnight Sun, the fifth book in the Twilight Saga. In the first four books, Bella Swan, a brown haired, feeble girl, but intelligent woman, moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father. After the move, Bella meets Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Jacob Black, a werewolf, thus allowing a love triangle to commence. Throughout a complicated maze that is small town American high school, the century old feud between vampires and werewolves simmers between the bachelors, leaving readers to wonder: whose side will Bella take?

Starting from the very beginning, the book recounts the strength it took Edward Cullen to resist Bella Swan as well as the fear and anxiety that encompassed his decision to let his family’s truth be known. Edward’s perspective allows readers to take a look into the mind of an immortal. Emotions run high between Edward’s family, the vampire world, and the feud.

Overall this book a seven out of ten; this book is perfect for a fan of the previous books. However, there were no updates on Renesmee or the couple’s life after her birth. Whilst the sheer size of the book and the length of the chapters may seem intimidating, the words are fairly simple and read quickly. Although the story did follow the same plot as the first book and gave no updates on their life after high school, it was incredibly eye-opening to read from Edward’s point of view.