COVID-19 Halloween

Halloween has always been one of the most eventful holidays for children. Fun costumes, decorations, and fall traditions always get kids excited. What’s better than dressing up as anyone you want for the night to get free candy? While Halloween traditions are enjoyable for most kids, children may be uninterested in this year’s festivities. Due to the infamous spread of COVID-19, the holiday will be celebrated much differently. How will one apply social distancing rules to a fun holiday you may ask? Well, Erik Von Ancken from Click provides a few different options to go about Halloween.

Erik sums it up into three primary categories including low, moderate, and high risk. If any parents are still very uncomfortable with traditional celebratory measures, there are several fun activities on the low risk list to choose from. One example is to hold a scavenger hunt trick-or-treat search in your household with kids or other family members. This also leaves an option to invite other families’ children for their kids to play with if they have been properly quarantined. This idea still implements the standard trick-or-treat holiday tradition, while reducing your family’s risk to outsiders. If some parents are a little more open minded, they could participate in moderate risk activities. For example, a fun costume party held outdoors with masks required and 6 feet distance. This social setting would be equivalent to our current public environment. A high risk activity may be allowing multiple children to associate without masks and celebrate the holiday normally.

In conclusion, Halloween is primarily celebrated for the enjoyment of kids. Due to the current pandemic, parents may be a bit hesitant to partake in any celebrations this year. Although Halloween may not be celebrated like it has in the past, it is important to keep a positive attitude and partake in activities that will allow children to engage safely.