Amazon announced that its annual Prime Day will be on October 13th and October 14th. Prime Day is exclusively for Amazon Prime members. There will be thousands of deals and items to save on.

Amazon’s echo dots are a steal on Prime Day. This year, customers will be able to buy two for the price of $39.98. The two available in this deal are the third gen. Echo dots. The echo dot, also known as Alexa, is able to play music, set alarms, and report the news. These echo dots are also able to call family and friends as long as they fall under the same Alexa account. These devices are normally $39.99 each. The Prime Day sale lets consumers get two for the price of one.

Another piece of tech that is having a good deal is the Amazon Fire TV DVR. The normal price is $229.99 for two tuners and $279.99 for four tuners. These prices drastically go down on prime day. It will be $130 for two tuners and $180 for four tuners on Prime Day. This price is the lowest it will be for this specific item.

Prime Day brings a lot of revenue in for Amazon. In 2019, they made 7.16 billion dollars. More than 175 million products were purchased on Prime Day 2019. It is predicted that Amazon will make more money this year because they are extending Prime Day  and including Whole Foods. Obviously Amazon is hoping to make more money on prime day than last year.