New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

As 2021 begins, it is important for individuals to set goals for themselves and keep their priorities on track. At the beginning of each year, most people create a list of “resolutions” or goals to hold themselves accountable. This tradition is an easy way for people to push towards the best version of themselves and break old habits while creating new healthy ones. Most common resolutions include goals for fitness, self care, mental health, and other significant categories. Every new year is a perfect fresh start to reinvent yourself and become better in several aspects of life. Although it is easy to take ten minutes to jot down new goals at the start of the year, most people don’t follow through with their resolutions.

The failure with most resolutions is often due to forgetfulness, lack of motivation, or a poor work ethic. It’s not always that we fear change, rather that old patterns just become comfortable and easier in daily life. If any readers intend on staying committed to their new year’s resolutions, here are a few tips to help keep you on track. The first step to sticking with your resolution is setting a goal that is attainable and meaningful to you. For example, a goal to eat mindfully and stay active is attainable. However, losing over 100 pounds in a month is not. Although that is a drastic example, it is important to understand that each goal you set for yourself must be something that you’re able to achieve. If you set a goal that is simply unattainable, you may lose motivation and experience failure.

The second important step to attaining your specific goal is to create a plan to get there. While you may be there in your imagination, your goal will not appear in your present day life without work. Creating a plan or specific steps formulated to reach your goal is crucial to your success. If losing weight and becoming active is one of your resolutions, try to set certain days each week dedicated to fitness. Another step in the right direction is meal prepping at the beginning of the week to plan out each meal in advance. When working towards a goal, it is always important to remember why you are making the change and how it will affect your life. Will it bring you closer to your best self? Resolutions are a very important way to identify changes needed in your life and can help organize your most desired goals.

To conclude this guide to new years resolutions, remember that each goal on your list is something that will push you closer and closer each day to your best self. The end goal with new year’s resolutions is to be happy and healthy. Each year, everybody is given a fresh start. More precisely, each day everybody is given a fresh start. Keeping a concise list of goals to accomplish or maintain throughout the new year will help keep you motivated and on track. You got this!