Are People Staying Fit While Gyms Are Closed?


zefirchik06, Shutterstock

Resistance body bands, jump ropes

During the pandemic, many people are growing impatient for gyms to reopen as COVID 19 virus cases continue to rise. Users on social media that usually go to the gym daily, post about how life is not the same without the gym. Although their hopes remain high, individuals who post at-home workouts only have resistance bands and dumbbells at their fingertips. During these times, and especially in the area of fitness, people get creative when access becomes limited. Many are also concerned about the mental health of trainers and people who use fitness as therapy for stress relief in general.

Gym goers who have no equipment at home have been reducing workouts and spending much more time with friends and family. Even though that sounds like a good way to spend free time, mental health is much more important.

When you exercise,  the body releases chemicals like endorphins and dopamine that makes one feel happy, and gets rid of chemicals that make you feel stressed,  worried or sad. Exercise is not just to stay healthy and fit; it is also people’s therapy and happiness – some can not function without it.

Many also argue that if several other places remain open such as beaches and patio dining at restaurants, excluding gyms and other fitness facilities is unfair. According to social media, specifically Instagram, many users believe it is not fair that other companies remain open but not gyms; many still argue that gyms are different because everyone is touching the same equipment. In other words, gyms are one of the top companies that share germs and spread COVID 19 the quickest.

When you’re home it seems to be a lot harder to get out of your cozy bed and workout! Being in a gym environment is motivating. There are all sorts of motivation around you, unlike the limited equipment space, and lack of effort at home. Due to lack of inspiration and self hopelessness, many people feel very unmotivated and are likely not as active, yet they are still doing what they can by staying fit at home. Not only that, gyms will go into bankruptcy and lose a ton of money.

The main concern and goal is to get gyms to open back up again, eventually, but the real question is when will that actually start to happen? Will it take months or even until 2022? For now trainers and fitness lovers are sticking to at-home workouts and are still hanging on, but it is uncertain how long they will be able to tread water.