“The Outsider” Book Review


The cover of “The Outsider” by Stephen King.

The Outsider was written by the world-renowned author Stephen King and was published in 2018. The novel, which also happens to be King’s 61th published novel, instantly became a bestseller. It has since been turned into a ten-part miniseries that is available for viewing on HBO.

As is usually the case with Stephen King, the novel is a psychological thriller and horror. Featuring gruesome topics such as the brutal rape and murder of a child, suicide, and death, the book is not for the faint of heart.

The Outsider begins with the finding of eleven year old Frankie Peterson’s mutilated corpse. All evidence seems to point towards Terry Maitland, a popular citizen among Flint City, and he is promptly arrested at a public baseball game. The city is in an uproar once the news spread that Maitland, a person everyone loved and got along with, is a rapist, murderer, and pedophile.

Things take a turn for the worse when Maitland provides a solid alibi. There are fingerprints and footage proving that he was at Flint City, where the homicide was committed, and at Cap City, where he claimed to be at a convention.

But a person can’t be in two places at once. Or can he?

The Outsider takes its readers on an intriguing journey as Detective Ralph Anderson works to find out who killed Frankie Peterson, and even starts to consider whether something supernatural may be at large.

The novel is a good, long read for horror fans, and has become a fan favorite since it was published. King’s reputation as a horror-based author has only been bolstered by this book, and critics and fans alike are looking forward to seeing what he does next.