The Power of Today’s Social Media Infuencers

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Young influencers today are making absurd amounts of money, and they may even be younger than most high school students. A new social media platform on the rise called TikTok has given thousands of teens from small towns all over the world a chance to make big money with their large followings. Typically, creators start by making an account on TikTok, and uploading videos that have to do with their particular interests. These videos can be 15-60 seconds long, consisting of various talents, entertaining jokes, or even just lip syncing content. As simple and “Gen Z” as this concept may seem, teenagers all over the world have gained major success while using this platform.

Once a creator makes their first viral video, their following will begin to grow. Basically, the more they post, the bigger their following gets. When an influencer gains a large following, brands start to notice. Specific brands pay special attention to which creators are on the rise and who everybody follows and watches. Brands will then reach out to these influencers and offer them large amounts of money or products, in exchange for publicity and attention to their brand. If the “cool” internet celebrity is wearing your brand’s shirt, everybody is going to want it in order to be like that influencer.

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Addison Rae, a 20 year old girl from Louisiana, grew a very large following within a matter of months. She created her account in 2019 and is currently at 77.3 million followers on TikTok. An article came out on Aug 6, 2020 by Variety, stating that she makes $5 million a year and is the highest earning creator on TikTok. Addison partnered up with a large brand American Eagle, which sells teen clothing. Rae became a part of the brand’s #AExME Prom and starred in the BTS ’20 campaign. After gaining more experience and followers on social media, Addison Rae created her own makeup brand called Item Beauty, which recently launched.

With sales from Item Beauty, paid brand deals, and merchandise, Addison has gained immense success online. Keep in mind, this earning was created from the comfort of her own home without a degree or years of schooling. When this was initially announced, it came as a shock to many, considering her age and the concept of her career. With this large income, it created a question for many. How powerful are social media influencers really becoming?