A new club was created during this semester at Canyon High School, and it’s called The Book Club. Run entirely by junior Bella Daeberick, it calls for readers of all genres to join and discuss the books that the club reads.

The club hosts meetings over Zoom every two weeks. Members of the club will initially compare their interests to find common ground, and will then search for a book they all would like to read. Once the book has been chosen, they’ll set a certain amount of pages or chapters that everyone needs to read before the club reconvenes. When the club meets again, the members will discuss what they’ve read and how they feel about it.

The Book Club is not strict. There are no consequences for not being able to finish the amount of chapters that were assigned, and reading is self-paced. The club provides its members with a relaxed, fun environment where they can get to know other reading enthusiasts. The president of the club has emphasized that it is not meant to feel like school. There are no written analyses, no essays, and no assignments. Members will simply partake in discussions.

If you’re interested in joining the club, sign up for the Remind or contact Bella. To sign up for the Remind, text the code @c9ag842 to the number 81010, or sign up through the app with the same code.

Bella’s contact details are as follows:
[email protected]